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It looks like McDonalds, but it is not.

9 Jan

Let me say that I like McDonalds’ food, I like the fries, the mcrib, the snack wraps and many other delicious things they serve. I do my almost best to eat healthy, yet once in a while, there is a mcrib with my name on it and no sound reason will change that. And so I pull up in the drive through and do my best to yell my order to the screen and hope that they will get the chicken nuggets sauce right, along with the mcrib. I have easy access to about 3 of these establishments and there is a ranking list based on speed and accuracy. The fastest one is not the most accurate, the most accurate has longer wait, and lastly the least accurate and by far the dirtiest, the slowest one I have ever been is in the perfect location on my daily commute! I swore multiple times to never come back, but location is important after all, so I take my chances.

not served in the pharmacy

If you frequent a pharmacy as a consumer, you can relate to the experience above.  You might even think that most community pharmacist are trying to copy the McDonalds, after all there is a drive-through window, you place your order, pay, and get a paper bag, all in under 15 minutes. Easy, breezy, beautiful..

Only if McDonalds’ girl put barbecue sauce instead of honey mustard in your bag, no big deal, provided you like barbecue flavor. But if a pharmacist puts a ‘heart’ pill instead of your ‘thyroid’ or ‘diabetes’ pill in your bag, it is a BIG DEAL. It’s a big deal to you and to said pharmacist. You could be seriously harmed and they could end up fighting for their license before the Pharmacy Board.

So you see now? The set up is similar, but the nature of the business is entirely different. I know what mcrib looks and tastes like, but do you know what amitriptyline and phenazopyridine look or taste like? Or what exactly do they do your body?

So choose your pharmacist wisely!  I have been in community pharmacy for many years now and I am here to teach you how to get the best care and attention your needs require in a world where ‘putting pills in the bottle’ business is not what it seems.